How to publish and access a RDS 2012 r2 session host from your iphone/ipad from Azure

Been busy on a few bits and bobs lately namely in the Azure arena. To do the above actually is v.straightforward thanks in no small part to a document that Microsoft recently released.

2nd guide:

The next part again is v.straightforward, to make accessible via your ipad/iphone

i) Download RDS client for ipad/iphone –
ii) Add Remote Resources

1. On the Connection Center screen, under Configuration tap Remote Resources.
2. In the Remote Resources window, enter information for the Remote Resource:
o URL: enter your cloud service URL from above
o User name: Enter your AD credentials from the work done above
o Password:
3. Tap Save. The remote resources will be displayed in the Connection Center.
4. Should see a desktop icon appear on your “Remote Desktops” app – eg Azure Desktop…
iii) Follow the on-screen prompts and should take you to it



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