vSphere 6.0 new features – vNuma enhancements

One of the key areas always keen to keep an eye on when VMware release a new version of vSphere is around the area of virtual machine enhancements. One attractive feature that comes with the new virtual machine hardware version (11 already by the way, can you believe it v4 only seems like yday) is around vNuma enhancements.

As VMware can probably phrase it better than me taken direct from their new features guide

When a vNUMA virtual machine with the hot-add memory option is enabled and memory is hot-added to it, that memory is now allocated equally across all NUMA regions. In previous releases, all new memory was allocated only to region 0. This enhancement ensures that all regions benefit from the increase in RAM, enabling the virtual machine to scale without requiring any downtime.

Where this feature can come into its own is in the “monster VM” arena, I’ve worked on VM’s carrying 128gb of RAM and NUMA location can play its part in adding unwanted latency and generally as these VM’s are in the “gold” or “platinum” tier given their spec its just when you need performance to be optimal.

Anything that can assist in this case is always worthwhile and a good addition to the feature-set.



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