Field tip : Citrix PVS 7.x log changes – and disabled by default

As you may recall for PVS 6.x administrators – persistent log files for monitoring services such as the streaming service or the SOAP service where held under c:\ProgramData\Citrix\Provisioning Services\Log ,with the advent of version 7.x this is no longer the case and what’s more logging is disabled by default

More details at:

To avoid having to put these files in place after an event and wait for the issue to reoccur, you can proactively run CDF Monitor on your PVS Environment continuously.   The consumption of resources averages between 1 – 3% but you will need to review and make sure this isn’t affecting your PVS Server in an adverse way.  The trace file will grow to 100 MB in size and will rotate between five files, so disk space is a consideration as well.  The use of 5 – 100MB log files allows administrators time to have the issue reported and upload the files without losing data.


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