Citrix tip: how long does it take to copy down my citrix UPM profile? here’s where to check

Want to know how to find out how long it takes your citrix profile management profile has taken to be copied down on logon ? here’s how to check First RDP to the server you logged onto with you administrative level privileges, if in an enterprise environment most likely will be a separate ID to […]

Citrix tip: if using Citrix PVS / Move AV & get hangs – restart Move server first!

  Got the pleasure of a 4am call last week from our support team to say issues being experienced launching an array of published applications in our xenapp 6.5 environment (usual generic “an error occurred making the requested connection” error). As the vast majority of servers are using PVS 6.1 vDisks assumed PVS was at […]

Citrix tip: trying to figure out how much disk space you need for you PVS vdisks?

Can be tricky this. In the “old” days of PVS 5.x and prior we had no differencing disks (or were available in cases but was a niche feature). From 6.x a lot more commonly used and extremely useful. Thing that can be tricky about is judging size. Taken from the Citrix virtual handbook (always useful […]

Citrix tip : Looking to move your PVS write cache to an arbitrary drive? check this thread

Was actually one I was commenting on a good while, ironically googled it back – can be useful if you don’t want your w/c to go to d: (oftentimes the default location for a device to HD) for various reasons but instead want something “out of the way”.

ESXi tip : power management option greyed out? check your BIOS setup

Have seen this in the past with using HP’s in particular and using their inbuilt installation wizard when setting up the hosts, can set the performance option but afterwards is greyed out when checking the web / traditional client. Go to Bios settings section and need to set OS control or OS Control Mode depending […]

ESXi tip : How to backup and restore ESXi config from the command-line/PowerCli

As per Used this recently for a couple of “niche” setups that did require us taking a backup

Citrix tip: local printer settings button greyed out? – check if its a UPS client printer

Had a ticket relating to this short time back – this is the case when its a universal print server client printer – see for more details

Using powershell to automate bulk published application

One of the headaches that comes with the move from IMA to FMA based architecture is if you are adopting a multi data center model you often in the past may have a large number of published applications and published desktops that would of covered 1 or more data centers. In the IMA days as […]