Using powershell to automate bulk published application

One of the headaches that comes with the move from IMA to FMA based architecture is if you are adopting a multi data center model you often in the past may have a large number of published applications and published desktops that would of covered 1 or more data centers. In the IMA days as it was a single citrix datastore effectively covering all your data centers advantage there was a single published application was required.

With the re-architecture coming with Xendesktop/Xenapp 7.x it is recommended to house separate databases in each data center (see XenDesktop handbook for more details –

Below URL covers steps to help reduce the duplication of work and looks at a PowerShell script that can help automate the creation of published applications that’s applicable for Xenapp/XenDesktop 7.x.

Powershell: XenDesktop 7.x Published Applications


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