Citrix tip: trying to figure out how much disk space you need for you PVS vdisks?

Can be tricky this. In the “old” days of PVS 5.x and prior we had no differencing disks (or were available in cases but was a niche feature). From 6.x a lot more commonly used and extremely useful. Thing that can be tricky about is judging size.

Taken from the Citrix virtual handbook (always useful reading) – and working with this stuff day in day out can vouch for its veracity

Differencing disk growth by application size


The following formula can be used as a guide when estimating the

size of the vDisk store:


Consider the following example. You plan to deploy three vDisk


Windows 8 (x64) image = 40GB

Windows 7 (x64) image = 40GB

Windows 7 (x32) image = 35GB

Each vDisk will be limited to five differencing disks. You anticipate

vDisk Change Application Install size Approximate Differencing

Disk size

Small (Install 1 application –

Firefox) 20 MB 1.1 GB

Medium (Install 2 applications

– Firefox and Adobe Reader) 56 MB 1.6 GB

Large (Install MS Office 2010

Pro x86) 2.2 GB 4 GB

that the differencing disk will be 20% of the master vDisk image.

The estimated size required for the Provisioning Services store will





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