Month: August 2015

Citrix field tip: finding GAZILLION’s of printers appearing in your citrix session? here’s what to check

Came across this issue recently in our xenapp 6.5 environment when users’ complained of poor performance post logon. Noticed that spoolsv was consuming large amounts of CPU for the 1st minute or so of logon and then things would be ok.

Other thing I noticed was a huge number of mapped printers within HDX Monitor and when printing in office the drop down list would show hundreds of them.



Turns out the vast majority of the printers are XPS document printers – an office 2013 by-product.

Quick google and I found – putting the below setting working a right charm, cue no more high CPU logon, no more spurious print q’s and no more print manager service crashes 🙂

policy setting


VMware workspace sync’ing issues with thinapp repository?

Recently came across this issue with the portal. Restarts of the system etc didn’t help. From doing some digging in the logs (good old /var/log/messages to the rescue) – came across this message

Failed to initialize HZN session. HZN code: -260 (UNKNOWN)

Thanks to the wonders of google the very same error was neatly mentioned within a VMware KB

So turns out certificate-related

Citrix field tip: Having AppCenter discovery issues with custom admins?

So recently come across this quite pesky one – plenty of posts about it:

Getting the standard AppCenter discovery you get relating to MFCOM – in this instance only getting with custom administrators we’d setup

mfcom error

Seeing numerous posts it – a lot covering steps here

Still see same, turns out need to propagate View Published Applications and Content and make sure to click Copy to Subfolders

pub app permissions

Likewise need to click the following under Servers View Server Information and again click Copy to Subfolders


Once that as in it did the trick