ESXi tip: doing network maintenance on your cluster? make sure to disable host monitoring

Disabling host monitoring If as per above you are carrying out any planned network maintenance activities that would affect the host’s management network connectivity best to disable host monitoring. Main reason for this is to prevent unnecessary alerting of the host isolation response configured for the HA cluster. To do need to edit the cluster settings How […]

Citrix PVS tip: having registration issues? following may help

The primary communication mechanism citrix Provisioning services (PVS) uses is Kerberos authentication. It registers the components against AD through the Service Principal Name (SPN) and permitting the AD DC’s to identify the accounts, which manage the running services. From time to time registration issues can occur, if that happens you will probably find your PVS service could fail. To avoid this […]

Running a Hyper-v Best practices analyzer scan ? couple of PS cmdlets to send you on your way

As Microsoft do recommend you do run their BPA for hyper-v its perhaps a good idea to do it – perhaps what is interesting is they suggest you run it every month. That being so did take the step to automate via a SCO runbook using the below cmdlets so I could take a “hands […]

Edgesight tip: handy trick to optimize edgesight server performance

Recently was working on an edgesight console and noted really poor performance running pretty much any type of report. One way of mitigating this is to limit data uploads from the agents to the EdgeSight Server database by deselecting the type of performance data you are not interested in gathering, will be surprised by how much […]

ESXi tip: hostd unresponsive? there is a tool to help

Hitting hostd unresponsive issues? The VMware-hostd service as you probably know is the main communicator between the host and the VMkernel. Handles  most of the management tasks, including interfacing connections from vCenter and remote command-line connections with esxcli or PowerCLI. If the hostd service fails, the ESXi host becomes unavailable for management. Crucially though, ESXi is still aware of all […]

ESXi tip: few quick and easy esxcli cmd’s to redirect your core dumps to your dump collector

  How to configure your  ESXi Host to Redirect Their Core Dumps The primary method for configuring hosts to redirect their core dumps to your newly setup ESX Dump Collector is to use the esxcli command-line tool: Logon via ssh tool to your esxi host of your choice eg putty To run a check on your existing Dump […]

Citrix tip: how to split for XA 7.x logging and monitoring DB’s from your site DB

As you may know in any of the 7.x variants of XenApp there is 3 types of potential databases that can be setup as part of your XenApp site, they are: I) Site database – containing information relating to the objects in your XenApp 7.x site II) Logging database – containing information relating to historical […]

How to recover SCCM 2012 site unattended!

Unattended Recovery of a Site Configuration Manager 2012 supports recovering a CAS and a primary site via the Setup Wizard. You can also recover these sites via an unattended recovery script. In order to use the unattended recovery solution you will need to create the .INI file that will be read by the Setup.exe application. The […]

Xenapp 6.5 hosted shared desktop running in 2 DC’s – got user’s going to wrong DC – what gives?

Recently encountered this issue whereby in one of our 2 DC’s users were being taken to the opposite DC to access their hosted shared desktop – would only occur in one direction. Fix and more details enclosed: One action to come out of it is definitely to run a dsmaint recreatelhc every weekend to […]