Citrix field tip: looking to limit bandwidth usage? here’s a handy way how

In some and i’d say most scenarios in standard citrix environments, it is very important to limit the maximum bandwidth used by different sessions. Even if you’re using a high-speed link, shaping some streams is a good practice. Consider, for example, a user working with a redirected USB device ; copying data from the USB to network shares and vice versa can easily overload the available bandwidth.

XenApp offers a category of user settings to limit the bandwidth used by the different supported redirections, as shown in the following screenshot:


In terms of overall session bandwidth and/or the bandwidth used for the following:

  • Audio redirection
  • Client USB device redirection
  • Clipboard redirection
  • COM port redirection
  • File redirection
  • HDX MediaStream redirection
  • LPT port redirection
  • Printer redirection
  • TWAIN device redirection

From the point of view of applications which need as much bandwidth as possible to perform “normal” type operations such as screen scraping etc most of the above simply won’t be applicable for use, and you’d be surprised even though seemingly dormant how much bandwidth they may consume so certainly worth placing limits were possible.


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