Hyper-v event logs – a breakdown of the categories used

Upon installation of hyper-v will notice specific category of event logs are created during the installation to show all the details about the different Hyper-V configurations.

The logs contain a breakdown of administrative, operational, networking, and storage events. Below is a list shows the description of the log entries:

  • Hyper-V-Config: Contains info relating to the VM configuration files
  • Hyper-V-High-Availability: Available in Hyper-V Cluster nodes and shows the Hyper-V entries regarding Failover Clustering
  • Hyper-V-Hypervisor: Used to log information about hypervisor activities
  • Hyper-V-Integration: Shows events about integration services
  • Hyper-V-SynthFC: Related to Virtual Fibre Channel details
  • Hyper-V-SynthNic: Information about Vswitches
  • Hyper-V-SynthStor: Details about VHD’s
  • Hyper-V-VID: Shows logs about the virtual interface driver
  • Hyper-V-VMMS: Dedicated to logs containing information about the VMM service

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