How to recover SCCM 2012 site unattended!

Unattended Recovery of a Site

Configuration Manager 2012 supports recovering a CAS and a primary site via the Setup Wizard. You can also recover these sites via an unattended recovery script.

In order to use the unattended recovery solution you will need to create the .INI file that will be read by the Setup.exe application. The name of the file is not important, but the file extension must be .INI. You will run the Configuration Manager Setup command and reference the unattended script file in the command-line syntax. For example, if your unattended recovery script is named SCCMrecover.ini and is located on the C: drive in the CASRestore folder, the command will be Setup.exe /script C:\CASRestore\SCCMrecover.ini. The account used to execute Setup.exe must have administrator rights, so you may need to open a command prompt as an administrator and then run Setup.exe from there.

The INI file created will contain the same information as if done via a site recovery via the Setup Wizard. One key difference is that no default settings are applied in the unattended scenario, and as a result, all values for the recovery process must be specified in the script file.

The information that is required in the .INI file will depend on what is needed to be recovered. Worth noting when you provide values for keys you must use an equals sign to separate the key from the value.

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The TechNet article “Unattended Site Recovery Script File Keys” at documents the available keys that can be used in the .INI file




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