ESXi tip: doing network maintenance on your cluster? make sure to disable host monitoring

Disabling host monitoring

If as per above you are carrying out any planned network maintenance activities that would affect the host’s management network connectivity best to disable host monitoring. Main reason for this is to prevent unnecessary alerting of the host isolation response configured for the HA cluster. To do need to edit the cluster settings

How to disable

The following describes how to disable host monitoring:

    1. Logon to your vCenter instance
    2. Go to the Home inventory and navigate to the Hosts and Clusters view.
    3. Select the cluster you are performing maintenance and go to Manage | Settings | vSphere HA, and click on Edit.
    4. Deselect the Enable Host Monitoring checkbox and click on OK:

host monitoring

              5. To re-enable simply repeat steps 1-3 above and this time for step 4. tick the box beside Enable Host Monitoring and click on Ok

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