Running a Hyper-v Best practices analyzer scan ? couple of PS cmdlets to send you on your way

As Microsoft do recommend you do run their BPA for hyper-v its perhaps a good idea to do it – perhaps what is interesting is they suggest you run it every month.

That being so did take the step to automate via a SCO runbook using the below cmdlets so I could take a “hands off” approach to it.

To start a scan using the Hyper-V best practice analyzer, type the following command:

Invoke-BpaModel –BestPracticesModelId Microsoft/Windows/Hyper-V

After running the Hyper-V BPA, you can use the Get-BPAResult command to analyze the results. The following command shows the BPA scan results:

Get-BpaResult –BestPracticesModelId Microsoft/Windows/Hyper-V

Voila! your good to go

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