Citrix XenServer & command-line management

Command-line management Citrix XenServer provides a command-line interface for managing hosts in the XenServer environment without the need for a graphical interface. Using the command-line similar to ESXi / Hyper-v is the ideal mechanism for automating XenServer management and handling day-to-day configuration tasks. The following command lines are available: The host command line: The command line on […]

Want a way to get a *lot* of info from your windows command – use -format-list switch

Discovered this upon my travails regards a file and looking to find out some information I couldn’t procure from viewing its properties within windows explorer. The switch itself is available within powershell but is usable and just about every command you can think for me. For me it was especially useful in conjunction with dir […]

Tracert no more – for multi-homed NIC setups use pathping :)

Network traffic analysis with the Pathping command One weakness with the trace route (tracert) command has always been it doesn’t show you nic traffic flowing out which can be useful info in a multi-homed environment One command that has been used by network admins for years is trace route (tracert), but the output contains some information […]

Handy SC orchestrator optimization tip

SCO Optimization Based on my experience with using Orchestrator and something that very much depend on your usage its a good practice to either throttle your runbook activity up and down to ensure best performance. To do this need to look at Runbook Server Throttling which is set to run 50 Runbooks parallel by default maximum. Depending […]

Xenapp load balancing issues? check out following

Useful links relating to issues in this realm Troubleshooting load balancing issues LBDiag tool Interestingly am working through an issue we have at present: Not there yet with fix but will post up once resolved

Xenapp 6.5 tip: looking to make an application only available at certain times of the day ? try this

Seen this query pop up on the citrix forums, from doing a bit of digging You can test using a Load Evaluator: If you go to the scheduling section it gives a good clue: “Scheduling Schedules the availability of selected servers or published applications. This rule sets the weekly days and hours during which the […]

Citrix PVS tip: Do NOT enable subnet affinity AND Auto Rebalance at the same time

Not if you want to create a reconnect storm! Reasons are pretty obvious but more details enclosed – especially if setting “Fixed” for Subset Affinity with Rebalance Enabled you’d see interesting results (though only try in the lab :))    

Citrix PVS tip: seeing uneven performance issues on certain golden images? bear in mind the following

Interesting statement posted on “However, exceptions do exist if the other product does not fully conform to the standard or requires a special configuration right above the NIC driver. The Provisioning Server client might not work properly in such situations. Typical examples include (but are not limited to) some antivirus software and Virtual Private […]

O365 performance check tip – handy tool to check your current network latency to the portals

Noticed that guide when troubleshooting issues we’d seen from users coming in from VPN connections One tool that caught my eye was psping (a sysinternals tool). What’s especially useful about it is allows you to measure the round trip to the various portals which otherwise wouldn’t be available via ping (given 99% of firewalls […]

Hyper-v event logs – a breakdown of the categories used

Upon installation of hyper-v will notice specific category of event logs are created during the installation to show all the details about the different Hyper-V configurations. The logs contain a breakdown of administrative, operational, networking, and storage events. Below is a list shows the description of the log entries: Hyper-V-Config: Contains info relating to the VM configuration files Hyper-V-High-Availability: Available in Hyper-V Cluster […]