VMware Update Manager tip: some useful commands to know

If still running ESXi 4/5 and using VUM handy commands I’ve use on my travels Run the following commands to change the URL addresses of the hosts and virtual appliances: To add a URL address for patch download and notifications for ESX/ESXi 4 or ESXi 5 hosts, run the following command: vmware-umds -S –add-url https://host_URL/index.xml –url-type […]

VMware tip: Consider shares if worried about your VM in a resource intensive environment

vSphere has long allowed administrators to prioritize virtual machines using a feature called shares. The higher the share level a VM has, the more resources it is allowed to consume when in competition with other VM’s on the same host. Shares is of relative importance to VMs or pools and they apply within the same parent. Note: One thing to be aware […]

VMware fault tolerance – some v. quick best practices

A feature most vCenter/ESX admins would be familiar with would fault tolerance (FT).  Well described as its chief use is for VM’s that need to be up 100 % of the time. FT creates and maintains an exact copy of a running virtual machine—secondary VM—on another host. Both VMs exchange heartbeats to monitor each other’s status. When […]

Citrix field tip: looking to limit bandwidth usage? here’s a handy way how

In some and i’d say most scenarios in standard citrix environments, it is very important to limit the maximum bandwidth used by different sessions. Even if you’re using a high-speed link, shaping some streams is a good practice. Consider, for example, a user working with a redirected USB device ; copying data from the USB to network […]

vCenter tip : looking to use host profiles in version 6 in non-maintenance mode?

Something I’ve been testing with the new version one of the new features that appealed to me was the ability to use host profiles with having to have the host in maintenance mode – a requirement in pre v6 days. However when trying to use functionality found I couldn’t. Turns out the functionality is only […]

ESXi tip: Seeing NFS disconnection issues on NetApp filers on ESXi 5.5/6?

Nasty issue this one, again as from previous article thought it might have gone away with v6 but alas seen it again strike in that version – trick is to employ workaround 2 and adjust the MaxQueueDepth parameter: http://kb.vmware.com/selfservice/microsites/search.do?language=en_US&cmd=displayKC&externalId=2016122

VSphere client tip: having trouble removing unwanted plug-ins from VC/VCSA?

This KB has been around a fair while now, and from earliest iterations of ESX/VC I’ve found myself coming back to it. http://kb.vmware.com/selfservice/microsites/search.do?language=en_US&cmd=displayKC&externalId=1025360 Recently had it with v6 so still as relevant as ever

Wanna pick specific drives to block in windows (all variants from NT4 onwards)? here’s how

Picked up this little gem when I was looking to hide drives A-E recently in a 2008 r2 environment via GPO. There is settings to by default hide drives A-D or variants within that (eg Hide these specified drives in My Computer ) but not after that Below describes the registry setting and how to add […]