Month: October 2015

Looking to set disconnected/idle/active session limits in your XenApp sessions?

Few links to help you set at the policy level, worth noting that active session limits are set at the RDS layer.

To set disconnected / idle timeout settings for your xenapp session:

To set active session limits for your xenapp session


Experiencing poor throughput on a windows VM (ESXi 6.0 VM hw 11) in FT mode?

Recently seen this on the vmware discussions and was able to recreate the issue as was interesting in using the feature in 6.x (FT is something that has interested me but always found it preferable to employ more traditional HA methods/recommendations).

Indeed did notice in the lab a noticeable drop off in performance, such that latency would increase, packet loss wasn’t occurring however but it would manifest itself by poor video/streaming performance(eg stuff that would give the vCPU a good “kick”)

Luckily a silver bullet was on hand, once patched up “regular” performance resumed and throughput returned to normal


Want specific folders on your client device to appear in your citrix published desktop/app session?

So often been asked this one on my travels, rather than providing the whole endpoint’s C: drive users'(via client drive mapping policy) have often expressed a desire to just show my documents or better still specific folders even within that.

How to setup:

  1. On the citrix server:
    1. Go into registry and create a key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Citrix\Client Folder Redirection.
    2. Create a REG_DWORD value.
      • Name: CFROnlyModeAvailable
      • Type: REG_DWORD
      • Data: Set to 1
  2. On the endpoint device:
    1. Ensure a reasonable new version of citrix receiver is running.
    2. From the Receiver installation directory, start CtxCFRUI.exe.
    3. Select the Custom radio button and add, edit, or remove folders.
    4. Disconnect and reconnect your sessions for the setting to take effect

Running a mixed mode Xenapp 7.x environment ? be careful using policy “Allow file transfer between desktop and client”

Recently seen a citrix forum piece regards this.

User had run an internal security check on the xenapp 7.x environments. Turns out the above policy was enabled on their 7.6 FP2 delivery controller but the user didn’t want it enabled in their 7.1 site so had it explicitly disabled at the policy level. However using certain revisions of the receiver showed up the issue that local drives were still available to user’s launching a published desktop in the environment.

Fix was either one of upgrading the 7.1 DC to 7.6 FP2 or setting local policies to explicitly prohibit access to the local drives.

Getting wrong desktop background on first launch of 2008r2 XenApp published desktop?

Recently seen this query posted on the citrix forums relating to the wrong desktop background appearing on first launch of a 2008 r2 published desktop even with the load a specific theme gpo setting applied:

Came across same issue previously and hotfix KB2462182 came to my rescue (