Citrix profile management tip : how long does it take to copy down your profile?

Very easy one this – one thing to note is if looking at edgesight session start detail for a user you will see a profile load time – this doesn’t just include profile copy down but also stuff like printer enumeration :

profile load

So to get the specific amount of time it takes to load a profile down using UPM:

I) RDP to the server you want to check the profile load time on

ii) In windows  explorer navigate to c:\windows\system32\logfiles\userprofilemanager\ (unless you’ve specified a different folder for the UPM logs it will default to here

iii) click on “date modified” field and Double-click on the latest UPM log file

will default to loading the file in notepad – press CTRL+F and type ‘finished logon’

will arrow you down to a line similar to the following – note the time on the right-hand side is in seconds and that’s it – that’s how long it took UPM here to take down your profile

;6;10228;DispatchLogonLogoff: ———- Finished logon processing successfully in [s]: <0.53>.


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