Looking to try out new container with docker feature in w2k16 tech preview ? check out

Apologies – couldn’t find re-tweet button on the pages (be the eyesight going!) so links to get you started below – ideally if you have a azure dev subscription can build the container host VM from in there: How to build from within Azure portal: https://msdn.microsoft.com/virtualization/windowscontainers/quick_start/azure_setup#NextSteps_StartUsingContainers Getting started guide: https://msdn.microsoft.com/virtualization/windowscontainers/quick_start/manage_docker   Advertisements

Slow performance logging into a Xenapp 7.x environment? The Delivery Controller counters to watch out for

One that hopefully your DBA team (if there is one:)) have set for monitoring already. Given the sheer number of potential areas that can cause slow logons (eg AD, filer-SAN from a storage perspective, network, AV, profile bloat the list is endless) good to have as many bases covered from a monitoring perspective As per […]

Users logging into wrong data center in hosted shared xenapp environment? fix may be v.straightforward

Recently had this issue and to be honest nearly embarrassed at the simple nature of resolution – see thread below that I had opened on it http://discussions.citrix.com/topic/370801-some-users-accessing-hosted-shared-desktop-in-wrong-data-center/ Turns out the a dsmaint recreatelhc in both DC’s zone data collectors was the resolution  

Citrix profile management tip : how long does it take to copy down your profile?

Very easy one this – one thing to note is if looking at edgesight session start detail for a user you will see a profile load time – this doesn’t just include profile copy down but also stuff like printer enumeration : So to get the specific amount of time it takes to load a profile down using UPM: […]

How to…enable anti-affinity in a Hyper-v cluster using Powershell

Quick, easy and handy to know 🙂 $MySvcAntiAffinity = New-Object System.Collections.Specialized.StringCollection $MySvcAntiAffinity.Add(“My HA Service”) (Get-ClusterGroup –Name VM01).AntiAffinityClassNames = $MySvcAntiAffinity (Get-ClusterGroup –Name VM02).AntiAffinityClassNames = $MySvcAntiAffinity

Image prep best practice: Flush your app-v client cache prior to seal

Flushing the App-V client cache When creating a base operating  image for deployment to computers and you are including the App-V client might inadvertently launch an App-V application by mistake before you’ve completed capturing the image), you might find that the package is included in the capture and thus bloats the image unnecessarily. By flushing the App-V […]