Citrix logon performance tip – go neutral on your wallpaper!

Wallpaper choice and the difference it makes to your citrix environment Graphically “busy” wallpapers can degrade the user experience when users are working with windows in a published desktop setting. This can manifest itself as mouse latency, start menu latency, and lag when launching, minimizing, maximizing, and moving windows. The more “photographic” the wallpaper and […]

Hitting vCenter 5.x performance issues? check your tomcat setup

Common enough one on the VMware forums this but worth regurgitating as often the database is felt to blame for slowdowns,  

REALLY handy quick to remove user from all citrix published apps he/she member of

Recently saw a query for this up on the citrix discussions and one I was interested in seeing what was required. Main motivation for me was purely selfish ones, being an admin in a few farms meant over time i’d added myself to a lot of published apps/desktops I didn’t need day-to-day access to so […]

Citrix Xenapp 5.x decommission tip: worth considering publishing out as remoteapp apps

Recently as part of a windows 2003 decommission cycle internally was charged with looking at retiring all pre xenapp 6.x farms in the environment. As part of this obviously a migration strategy for the applications from running in windows 2003 to windows 2008 r2 was part and parcel and to a great extent was able […]

Using McAfee Move agents in your PVS golden images?

While back seen this issue and never documented workaround (not documented fix with the existing version of the agent, shortly moving to later release). The real and crucial takeaway is to verify from the Move server end before rebooting target devices as it will be a lot quicker troubleshooting that end first. MOVE AV client error -Event […]

Netscaler tip: keep an eye on your /var directory

Have seen some recent instances on the citrix discussion groups regards issues encountered by administrators using virtual netscaler appliances. In area to particular to keep an eye on is /var, this area will show most volatility in terms of growth due to the nature of what is stored in it in particular by and nearly […]

Update your guest OS VMware Tools from the command-line

Super handy powerCLI cmdlet Update-tools, use it nearly daily – love its simplicity To update specified VM: update-tools VM More details containing other examples:  

Quick Citrix StoreFront tip: looking to set resource types to show applications only? here’s how

Handy tip if you want to filter based on applications only Note: The StoreFront and PowerShell consoles cannot be open at the same time. Always close the StoreFront MMC before using the PowerShell console to administer your StoreFront configuration. Likewise, close any instances of PowerShell before opening the StoreFront MMC. This example will set allowed resource […]

Edgesight field tip: only upload data from your edgesight agents that you WANT :)

Recently been hitting space issues on our SQL box hosting the various citrix DB’s we have. Of course xenapp was nice and small, PVS even smaller so the obvious culprit left being edgesight. Given we’d set retention for edgesight data to 30 days for pretty much everything felt it a little odd the size of […]