Edgesight field tip: only upload data from your edgesight agents that you WANT :)

Recently been hitting space issues on our SQL box hosting the various citrix DB’s we have. Of course xenapp was nice and small, PVS even smaller so the obvious culprit left being edgesight.

Given we’d set retention for edgesight data to 30 days for pretty much everything felt it a little odd the size of the edgesight database.

With that in mind did take it as an oppurtunity to review our grooming logs (within edgesight console accessible via configure > Server Configuration > Data Maintenance > Upload Configuration

In there we had everything ticked so as we don’t ever look at for instance Virtual desktop agent information unticked of them tick boxes. Also System Performance I unticked later as we have other tools that benchmark the system as a whole.

After that noticed an improvement with not quite the same level of growth in the DB.



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