Citrix Xenapp 5.x decommission tip: worth considering publishing out as remoteapp apps

Recently as part of a windows 2003 decommission cycle internally was charged with looking at retiring all pre xenapp 6.x farms in the environment.

As part of this obviously a migration strategy for the applications from running in windows 2003 to windows 2008 r2 was part and parcel and to a great extent was able to achieve that, so much so we had one application left running that had an IE6 tie-in which currently working on.

To that end this application was running off a PVS image and all the associated infrastructure that come with it and the farm it was felt much more efficient to retire the farm and publish the application out as a remoteApp application while the issue with IE10/11 compatibility is resolved(which is 90% there at time of writing).

To that end still have 2003 servers for the application but at least enabled us to retire:

I) Farm XML brokers

ii) Farm ZDC’s

iii) Old PVS farm supporting the aforementioned application image

iv) Associated databases

v) Hypervisor hosts running the above

Associated link helped in achieving above


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