REALLY handy quick to remove user from all citrix published apps he/she member of

Recently saw a query for this up on the citrix discussions and one I was interested in seeing what was required.

Main motivation for me was purely selfish ones, being an admin in a few farms meant over time i’d added myself to a lot of published apps/desktops I didn’t need day-to-day access to so was keen to clean up my desktop which had come a mess from all published apps I had assigned to me.

So a couple of powershell cmdlets help out big time in this regard

1) First to verify the list of apps he/she has assigned run the following:


2) Then to remove from an individual app

Remove-XAApplicationAccount -BrowserName “APPNAME” -Accounts “DOMAIN\USERNAME

3) To remove from all

Remove-XAApplicationAccount -BrowserName * -Accounts “DOMAIN\USERNAME

Shout out to Khalid Aldrouby for this tip



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