Some VMware ThinApp troubleshooting tips

Just some i’ve found useful when troubleshooting ThinApp packages i’ve put together. Launch from the command prompt your application. Is a good determiner of whether you have an entry point issue or not eg i) Run cmd.exe ii) go to folder for application eg c:\program files (x86)\winzip iii) launch winzip.exe – if the app launches […]

2k3 Throwback tip: getting that horrible “must have Terminal Server User Access…” error?

So looking to “migrate” some un-migrate-able apps (at least without AppDNA in my toolbox) into a 2008 r2 environment took a shortcut approach and with our 2003 farm disabled citrix and effectively revertedthem in 2003 terminal services and intended on publishing the apps (or rather desktop) via .RDP files published from our XenApp 6.5 farm. […]

IE / Citrix environment tip : if looking to use hardware acceleration do NOT use IE9-11

As per In particular the fairly black and white statement: “Citrix recommends that customers seeking a hardware accelerated browsing experience use an alternative browser to Internet Explorer”  

Citrix tip: getting duplicate icons appearing in your StoreFront 2.x/3.x store? Reason might be obvious..

Seen this recently having a scout on the citrix discussions. Turns out fix was fairly obvious to the naked eye but for folks familiar with web interface I know in the past this wouldn’t occur. Basically if you do have 2 farms being supported by your StoreFront installation if you do publish an application with […]

OneDrive incl citrix environment tip : how to automatically map as drive

One key requirement you may come across from your users in a hosted shared environment if utilizing OneDrive for Business may be commonly asked again and again to make their OneDrive files available from Explorer, to do this first download script from below: Step 2 is to programmatically include it for all users’, obvious means is via GPO, steps […]

ESXi troubleshooting tip: to help troubleshoot SIOC issues here’s how to enable logs for troubleshooting

In order to ascertain root cause of IO control issues always good to get digging into the logs, by default not enabled so will need to carry out the following steps – applicable to esxi 5.x/6.x To enable SIOC logging from the vSphere client: Logon to your vSphere client. Click on Host | Configuration tab. From the left-hand side column named Software, then Advanced Settings. […]

Quick SCCM tip: how to check SCCM site server is up / down via PS cmdlet

Always handy when dealing in a large scale SCCM environment to have good controls in place for monitoring site server availability, of course from a day to day perspective if a site server was to exhibit issues users’ will probably let you know before you’d know but below is a simple PS cmdlet easily of […]

Good current System Center Orchestrator best practice : use MBPA

One commonly overlooked good practice to put in place for your SCO environment is to invoke the use of the Microsoft best practices analyzer which by default is not installed with Orchestrator and is a firm recommendation to help assess the health of your Orchestrator environment. First, you’ll need to download and install the Microsoft Baseline Configuration Analyzer (MBCA) on the […]

Xenapp 6.5 – what Citrix License server version is minimum ?

A recent poster on citrix discussions put forward the question above. Quick scout on the web yield 11.9 is your minimum for XA6.5 More details below :