App-v tip : how to easily flush app-v cache

One command that is handy to know when hitting app-v issues is the ability to flush the app-v cache – below are the steps necessary to achieve this task:

  1. On your Windows 8.x machine, log in with any account that has local administrator permissions.
  2. Start | run | cmd.exe | powershell.exe and  enter the following commands:
    Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned –Force
    Import-Module AppvClient
    Get-AppvClientPackage –All | Remove-AppvClientPackage
    Set-ExecutionPolicy Default –Force

    So you’ll see from above first and last lines of the commands allow scripting to run within PowerShell and then set the scripting security settings back to their default. The second line imports the App-V commands into the PowerShell session and the third line retrieves a list of all of the App-V packages and then pipes them into a command to remove them from the client.

  3. To check command worked, examine the size of the C:\ProgramData\App-V folder; it should be nearly empty with only icons and shortcuts remaining for the packages that have otherwise been cleared.

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