Quick SCCM tip: how to check SCCM site server is up / down via PS cmdlet

Always handy when dealing in a large scale SCCM environment to have good controls in place for monitoring site server availability, of course from a day to day perspective if a site server was to exhibit issues users’ will probably let you know before you’d know but below is a simple PS cmdlet easily of course made into a script to alert you (preferably over a weekend before folks come online) if site server has whatever gone down/unavailable.

Check the SCCM site server is available

As part of the SCCM site server availability test, we can perform a simple ping test to ensure that the servers are reachable from the central Central Administration Site (CAS). We can use the Test-Connection cmdlet to check the connectivity status of the site servers:

Test-Connection -ComputerName $Computer -Count 2 -Quiet 

This cmdlet will return either true or false depending on the availability of the site server. If the result is true, we can conclude that the server is reachable at the point in time and if the result is false, the server can be considered to be unreachable and intervention is required.

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