App-v tip : how to easily flush app-v cache

One command that is handy to know when hitting app-v issues is the ability to flush the app-v cache – below are the steps necessary to achieve this task: On your Windows 8.x machine, log in with any account that has local administrator permissions. Start | run | cmd.exe | powershell.exe and  enter the following commands: Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned […]

2k12r2 Hosted shared desktop/RDSH image tip – how to clear server manager from running

One pesky thing you might notice from time to time when preparing a hosted shared desktop is by default on logon for a new user will see the server manager icon on the taskbar – as generally these users will be non-admin users never a reason to have it there. Quick and easy way to […]

XenApp/XenDesktop 7.x SQL mirroring tip: Use PS cmdlet get-configdbconnection to verify all is ok

Handy tip as sometimes can be difficult to truly know where to assess the health of your SQL mirror with your XenApp/XD 7.x setup. for more details

NetScaler Insight Center: session up time value being reported? here’s what to check

Common enough one this on the citrix discussions. Need to ensure that the times set for the NetScaler appliance and NetScaler Insight Center are correct are synchronizing correctly. To fix this :    

Citrix PVS tip: looking to maximize your write cache setup?

If like me you use write cache in RAM for your PVS vDisks you’d be aware of the importance attached to trimming your write cache growth as much as possible. Only recently came across this from the citrix blogs and phrases the benefits better than i ever could :): ” Defragment the vDisk before […]