Month: February 2016

VMware tip: Every day VM admin activities and 3 ways to skin them from the command line


Recently came across this – is an oldie but goodie and being more a CLI guy was interesting to note the difference in complexity between the 3 methods: 0 12976947


WinSrvr 2012 r2 tip: getting “Task Scheduler “A task or folder with this name already exists” ?

Have seen this pesky one in the past with 2008 r2 as well.

Can get this sometimes when you try and create a new Scheduled Task via the command line (schtasks.exe), the following error appears:

“WARNING: The task name “<>” already exists. Do you want to replace it (Y/N>?”

followed by when you hit Y, then this message will appear:

“ERROR: Cannot create a file when that file already exists.”


Navigate to c:\windows\system32\tasks and manually delete the task by name, and do likewise from the Scheduled Tasks GUI. After that you’ll was able to re-add the task (which had the same name)

Ever need to convert your VMware snapshots to memory dumps? here’s how

As most VMware admins should probably know vmware snapshot or suspend states files are a copy of the Physical memory and are convertible into a Full Memory dump which of course is the bedrock of finding out root causes for issues like hangs/BSOD’s etc

Below is a cool VMware fling called vmss2core that converts your .vmsn/.vmss file extensions to memory dumps



Recently move to IE11 and having Citrix web interface login page issues?


Missing that drop-down box option on the Web Interface Login Page giving the option to use pass-through or not?



To resolve this issue:

1.In Internet Explorer Options > Security tab, add the Web Interface site to Trusted Sites.
2.Enable compatibility view for the site under Internet Options > Tools > Compatibility View Settings and add the Web Interface site to Compatibility View.
3.Restart Internet Explorer.

If i had a quid for every fix related to IE11 and using that compatibility view settings fix..

Also, handy URL covering this and other fixes relating to citrix and IE11 (the one above was the issue i’d come across after move to v11)


Citrix PVS tip: Slow PVS boot times? check out the following

Only came across this recently. Nice “poster” containing the various processes that are used to boot a PVS target device. Much more interesting way to troubleshoot

Right now troubleshooting an ongoing issue with target devices taking over 10 minutes to boot and on 2nd boot less than 2. Very curious.