Creating Azure VM’s within Citrix Studio ? beware of the following naming contraints

Worth noting Azure virtual machine  naming constraints are different from Citrix Studio naming constraints. It is therefore possible to create Azure VMs with invalid names. To avoid this occurence, stick to the following rules for Azure Virtual machine names: o   Must contain between 3 and 15 characters o   Must contain only letters, numbers, and hyphens o   […]

vCenter quick tip: Need to troubleshoot SIOC issues? here’s how to enable logging

In vSphere infrastructure storage as you probably know, I/O usage of virtual machines can be controlled by Storage I/O control (SIOC). In event of hitting issues good to enable logging to help resolve issues. Here’s how to enable SIOC logging from the vSphere client: Enter your vSphere web client URL and log in. Click Host and Configuration […]

vCenter DRS tip: Anyone used the cool online tool VM Resource and Availability Service?

If ever you encounter DRS issues in any of your vCenter cluster environments may need to get a DRS dump file generated in order to troubleshoot the issue. The file itself is called drmdump and contains various calculations that DRS uses to measure possible benefits to migrate VM’s. Locations for these files: vCenter Server Appliance /var/log/vmware/vpx/drmdump/clusterName […]