Handy Citrix Profile Management tip: if user store is unavailable do this

Sometimes, with the best will in the world hardware will fail, and yes sometimes even “redundancy” eg RAID and what not won’t cover – if i had a quid for every instance i’ve seen failures for seemingly covered-across-the-board from a fault tolerant and something will fall down, whether its the controller or UPS causing a short circuit.

Either how just to give that extra bit of assistance to the friendly admin if something occurs to the user store for your profiles good to have checks in place from a software standpoint to limit potential corruption for a flaky file server.

To do

  1. Edit the GPO / citrix policy that contains your Citrix profile management policy settings
  2. Go to Profile Manager | Advanced Settings
  3. Double-click the log off user if a problem is encountered policy
  4. Select Enabled

This will configure UPM to display an error message to users and then log users’ off. Although probably not appreciated at the time, in the long run they would (if they could remember to thank you:))



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