Month: April 2016

Getting hangs/slow performance on your window server? try DebugDiag

Have used this handy tool in the past to help some of the above scenario’s. A little lesser known than some of its counterparts (windbg etc) but still very useful

Download link



Ever used WS2012 r2 feature Work folders? here’s how to setup in 2 easy steps

Work folders is a feature new to windows server variants 2012 r2 or later. Allows users to have their work data synchronized across all of their machines whether its tablets,laptops,desktops etc. Very much akin to Skydrive Pro but what is useful about work folders is that it can help integrate your existing file servers into the mix

To setup from Powershell

Step 1

Install-WindowsFeature FS-SyncShareService

Step 2

PS C:6\>New-SyncShare ITSyncShare –path E:\ITSyncShare –User “ACME\IT Admins” -RequireEncryption $true -RequirePasswordAutoLock $true

More information on Work folders


How to quickly verify your failover partner is configured in your Xenapp 7.x environment

If running an enterprise wide xenapp environment most likely will have mirroring setup at the time of install, if you do need to verify failover partner has been configured (should be but more so for piece of mind). Also useful when after adding, removing, or moving a Controller.

To check simply run the PowerShell get-configdbconnection cmdlet to ensure that the Failover Partner has been set in the connection string to the mirror.

You’ve upgraded to StoreFront 3.5. You find your iPad’s have stopped working with the updated HTML5 receiver what gives?

Hit this very scenario this week, was at a bit of a loss and had a nagging feeling we had few options as officially iPad’s (or more specifically their OSes) are not on the supported list for using the HTML5 receiver. Thanks be that in the end all was well, if folks do encounter same as per Michael’s you may have to directly specify “light” in the “change receiver” option on the storefront landing page. More details enclosed.

Logon to Xenapp published desktop in 8 seconds! the most key GPO setting you need..

I will caveat this with the fact i have not finished testing of the said published desktop to unleash out it out to the wild just yet.

edgesight logon test


Xenapp 6.5 HRP06 / Citrix Profile Management 5.4 (roaming profiles)

Published Desktop Windows 2008 r2 Standard (incl office 2013, IE11, App-V apps)

So far testing has been fine:

i) IE11 apps seem fine

ii) App-V seem fine (with AppData roaming switched on which in the past broke my app-v apps)

iii) MS office apps all checked out

Still want to give it a good few go’s before being completely happy all is good.

So in terms of what the biggest single difference from before was i would put that at the setting below

Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\System\Group Policy\Apply Group Policy for users asynchronously during logon

Pretty descriptive but yes indeed it basically allows your desktop to be available to you while it finishes processing the group policies. In my environment they are quite extensive thus i have seen a 10-17 second difference with that setting alone. That said with its nature it does carry risks so extensive testing to be done.

I’ll post next week updates on this and also what i excluded in my UPM profile. Have done 30 odd logons and been in out of all the apps quite a bit but staying steady at 40mb. Can attribute over 30mb’s of that to webcache file (IE’s cookies replacement).