VCSA Tip: how to fix the “Error: VPXD must be stopped to perform this operation” message

Oftentimes will see the above message when working within the VCSA appliance and needing to carry out admin functions.

To resolve:

i) Logon to the console eg https:<appliancename:5480 and enter your administrator id and password

ii) Click vCenter Server after logon

iii) Click the Summary tab

iv) Click on the Stop button to stop the server component

If the above doesn’t work (in most instances it should) then do the following:

i) Connect to the appliance’s console using putty or your SSH client of choice

ii) After logon type # chkconfig and check if vmware-vpxd is on or off

iii) if showing on you can stop it by entering # service vmware-vpxd stop

iv) When you need to start the server again simply enter # service vmware-vpxd start


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