Month: April 2016

Need to downgrade your ESXi version ? here’s how

Recently came across an issue on the VMware forums were user encountered numerous issues going to latest update on vSphere 6, reversion to the previous update resolved issue(corrupt driver).

Was interested to see VMware’s approach to a reversion and found this KB:


Getting “deprecated VMFS volume” message post vSphere 6 upgrade?

Recently upgraded my hosts to vSphere 6 – did notice I got the following message appearing post upgrade:

“Deprecated VMFS volume(s) found on the host. Please consider upgrading volume(s) to the latest version”

Did a quick scout in the hostd.log and sure enough a repeat message appeared. As was on the latest version was a little confusing, turns out it is indeed a false positive so shouldn’t concern folks

More details:


VCSA Tip: how to fix the “Error: VPXD must be stopped to perform this operation” message

Oftentimes will see the above message when working within the VCSA appliance and needing to carry out admin functions.

To resolve:

i) Logon to the console eg https:<appliancename:5480 and enter your administrator id and password

ii) Click vCenter Server after logon

iii) Click the Summary tab

iv) Click on the Stop button to stop the server component

If the above doesn’t work (in most instances it should) then do the following:

i) Connect to the appliance’s console using putty or your SSH client of choice

ii) After logon type # chkconfig and check if vmware-vpxd is on or off

iii) if showing on you can stop it by entering # service vmware-vpxd stop

iv) When you need to start the server again simply enter # service vmware-vpxd start


Hyper-v tip: Adjust the shutdown time of your clustered host to avoid VM downtime issues

The benefit of doing this in a clustered environment when shutting down a node for maintenance there is always the risk that VM’s do not get live migrated in time before the node restarts. Adjusting the shutdown time gives more leg room for the node to evacuate all VM’s off it before restart. 15 minutes is a conservative but effective enough figure
  1. Open regedit.
  2. Navigate to HKLM\Cluster\.
  3. Edit the ShutdownTimeoutInMinutes value according to your needs.
  4. Reboot the system after setting the key.
  5. Benefit of above is