IE11 issue: cannot type in any dialog boxes eg google,yahoo etc?

Had this one recently and was driving me crazy. Basically was looking to optimize logon performance in our xenapp environment and as part of it was slicing and dicing our existing v.large GPO into smaller more logical components. As a result of the slicing and dicing all looked good apart from this strange issue with […]

Follow-up: taking 30+ seconds to start launching published apps/desktops using 4.4.x receiver?

Seen this issue recently in the lab whereby any citrix published apps/desktops i looked to launch i could see took around 30 seconds to start launching. Other activities like “refresh apps” took similar lengths of time. There was a workaround i invoked that was well reported on the web to verify in IE under Internet […]

Want to install Citrix Desktop Director without the server becoming a Delivery Controller too?

Recently came across this citrix discussion article which was v.timely for me as wanted to implement same, turns out with Desktop Director installations that Delivery Controllers get installed as part of it – to cut out the clutter and just install Director the fix is to do following: install using the command line: XenDesktopServerSetup.exe /components┬áDESKTOPDIRECTOR

Having an issue upgrading your first Delivery Controller from XenApp 7.8 -> 7.9?

So encountered an issue with upgrading from XenApp 7.8 to 7.9. Install on upgrade of first 7.8 delivery controller to 7.9 goes fine until comes to the “Start the automatic Site upgrade” page. When clicking into it and perform site upgrade get greeted with a lovely:   “An unknown error occurred.   If the problem […]

Your in the citrix receiver landing page, you click an app and it kicks you out – what gives?

Recently upgraded to Storefront 3.5 in the lab (3.6 of course already out!) and noticed a strange “looping” behavior being exhibited. When i’d log into my citrix receiver apps page and double-click on any app it would boot me out if i was connected from a published desktop. Behavior wasn’t exhibited if i was just […]