Nice Citrix AppDNA 7.9 vid’

If you happen to be lucky enough to be a Citrix Platinum level customer will be lucky enough to have AppDNA in your toolkit. Nice video covering the piece’s. Interesting product as its uses extend far beyond the application virtualization space. For example if you have a separate Application Packaging team covering desktop-based apps will […]

Nifty new MS cluster feature (2016 Server tech) – configure your own witness in the cloud

An interesting feature within W2k16 within the clustering framework is the cloud witness. Quorum maintenance being one of the most important parts of any cluster design. With DR can be a design challenge as MS recommend that the quorum is located in a 3rd data center. As a lot of companies operate using 2 data […]

Getting “Cannot Complete Your Request” errors in your Citrix Storefront environment?

Can be caused by multiple factors. Really good CTX article covering the steps you need to troubleshoot this one as can be caused by multiple factors:

Where to find group policy template updates for your citrix products

Really handy link this one for all things related to policies and templates in the citrix spectrum:

Citrix HDX Flash redirection tip: how to disable player version check

Been testing various thin clients lately and one thing that appears same across them all is when testing HDX flash offloading by default they will fail due to the flash player being that bit older than perhaps what your VDI image/published desktop has installed. Example message below:   If you do come across this message […]

ESXi tip: Recommended lockdown mode configurations

As you can probably guess by its name lockdown mode is used to increase the security of your ESXi hosts. When enabled no users other than vpxuser have permissions to logon nor can they perform activities against the host directly. Essentially forces all operations to be performed through vCenter. Enclosed is a handy table showing the recommended […]

Storefront tip: how to create custom folder names for your legacy PNagent clients

Handy feature with citrix web interface was the ability custom folder names for Desktop and Start Menu resource folders for the legacy PNAgent client. This could be done via the manage shortcuts > Desktop Shortcuts > folder > use custom folder name. In order to do this in storefront Simply edit same c:\inetpub\wwwroot\Citrix\<Storename>\Views\PnaConfig\config.aspx to add the folders.

AppDNA tip: how to set and change SCCM server from console

Whilst working in AppDNA recently had to figure where to change the SCCM box we were connecting to as had been renamed. Slightly “tucked away” this setting so handy to remember. Logon to the AppDNA console Click Edit >> Settings >> ConfigMgr Enter relevant server details in fields and click Ok