Month: August 2016

Handy citrix admin tip: how to disable/enable logons using Powershell

If like myself you are administrating a large Xenapp 6.x farm with a lot of servers it can be a pain to find servers if they are located here there and everywhere folder-wise. In most instances it can be easier when needing to enable/disable logons to do it via Powershell

To do:

RDP to Citrix Xenapp server

Enter Powershell sessions (start | run | cmd.exe | powershell)

Add-PsSnapin Citrix.XenApp.Commands (this will load the citrix Powershell cmdlets)

disable-xaserverlogon <server name>


Handy Netscaler tip: how to AD integrate your NetScaler Appliance

If, like me you have more than enough passwords to remember i always prefer to AD integrate where possible so as to cut down on ID/Passwords to remember. Handy CTX article covers the steps to setup the integration pieces:


VCenter tip: Enhanced Link Mode and how to enable

Enhanced Linked Mode enables a single point of management across all vCenter Servers in the same vSphere Single Sign On (SSO) domain. Easier admin results as can look after multiple vCenter instances from one pane.

To enable Enhanced Linked Mode, follow these steps:

  1. Ensure that Enhanced Linked Mode requirements are met:
    • All PSCs are in the same vSphere Single Sign On domain.
  2. Deploy PSC and vCenter Servers in a supported deployment topology.

Once all enabled all the inventories from your vCenter environments in the same SSO domain will be linked together in Enhanced Link Mode. Can then access all from the vSphere web client (unfortunately not available in the traditional client :()


XenServer Tools update issues? check the following

Last month came across an issue relating to the XenServer 7.0management agents we had installed on a cluster of VM’s whereby we’d updated the XenServer tools on the VM’s and enabled auto-update. Recently upgraded the XenServer hosts and hit an issue when the VM’s went in a loop continually trying to update without success.

Had to disable auto-update till this very week whereby

was released and can confirm all is good with the VM’s now.