PVS write cache full issue crashing your VDI’s? check following if using Outlook

Seen this issue cause some pain recent enough. Environment XenApp 6.5 HRP05 Published Desktop running W2008 r2 and Office 2013 using PVS 7.9 golden images Received reports of users getting hung sessions. On reviewing system see it can’t be RDP’ed too, completely froze. Issue caused by write cache spilling over from RAM onto hard drive […]

Handy URL’s relating to 2012 r2 RDS environments

2 areas’s that always need some TLC are patch management and AV. Enclosed couple of URL’s relating to them: For patch management (covering various RDS roles): Recommended hotfixes and updates for Remote Desktop Services in Windows Server 2012 R2 For Anti-virus https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/822158      

Citrix Project Accelerator – Design phase

Yesterday kicked off a mock project assessment (https://johncmorrissey.wordpress.com/2016/11/16/utilizing-the-citrix-project-accelerator-for-my-pidgey-inc-project/) using the Citrix Project Accelerator tool to assess its strengths and weaknesses as a tool an SME might be able to yday. Covered the Assess phase which basically required me to input details about my environment. Couple of items sprung out for me regards the design phase: i) Hypervisor […]

Rolling out a Win8/10 VDI solution ? be aware of following

Firstly an absolute “must read” from the guys Dan Allen and Nick Rintalan around the area of codecs and bandwidth. Protocol & Resolution Impact on Bandwidth and Scalability Particularly for folk migrating from Win 7 to 8 or later couple of items piqued my interest (slide 25). i) Desktop Windows Manager (DWM) can no longer […]

Citrix PVS tip: Getting dreaded “Manifest file is invalid” message?

Check if running Citrix PVS 7.8 or earlier. I’ve had the unfortunate experience of getting this numerous times trying to import an new vDisk version of a VHDX file, unfortunately for me I was running 7.1 at the time and no fix was imminent when I spoke to vendor. Good news is as of PVS […]

Utilizing the Citrix Project Accelerator for my Pidgey Inc. project

Recently with dwindling resources have had to wear more and more “hats” in my day-to-day activities. One of which was technical project management. To that end recently sat the PRINCE2 foundation exam (squeaked it, phew!). One thing did like with the methodologies used around the PRINCE2 framework was its common sense approach. Wasn’t just a case of […]

Hitting a ceiling on your VDI user count? Good time to review your user persona’s

Recently being carrying a review of our usage across the various desktop/application virtualization platforms and noticed an interesting trend in that our usage figures have pretty much tapered off as such “hitting a crossroads”. Was interesting in our instances for the following reasons: previously we had some nasty outages which obviously heavily impacted both user […]