Hitting a ceiling on your VDI user count? Good time to review your user persona’s

Recently being carrying a review of our usage across the various desktop/application virtualization platforms and noticed an interesting trend in that our usage figures have pretty much tapered off as such “hitting a crossroads”.

Was interesting in our instances for the following reasons:

  • previously we had some nasty outages which obviously heavily impacted both user experiences and management perceptions of the product
  • been over 2 years since such outages so from that viewpoint the service is both running very reliably and from a server/host resource point of view performing well within tolerances
  • Headcount was risen quite appreciably in the past 2 years so not withstanding the user groups who had a non-VDI requirement certainly quite a few user groups who had employed VDI previously that where moving back to a traditional platform.

Which bought up an interesting article posted up on the Citrix blogs relating to customer centricity.


In a way the tapering off effect has given us an opportunity to provide a fresh perspective on the product and see what we can do to improve it but this time with a much more customer-based focus. In terms of the interviewing pieces had some of my slants to add (will be reaching out to business owners soon).

So to that end reviewed with the help of human resources a break-up of the major groups in the organization (any team with >500 being the rationale) and from there looking at fitting them into a persona breakdown.

What are persona’s you say?

In essence they are a practical way to identify the requirements of your end user base.

Why are they important?

Understanding how users’ operate on their day-to-day work activities. How long using mail, custom app requirements, slow performance “kinks” experienced throughout the day.

Typical persona’s include:

Knowledge worker

Task workers

Call Center


Plenty of Persona templates out on the web. Below gives a breakdown of some of the key factors to consider when assessing the suitability of a user to using a VDI platform as opposed to a traditional platform. Below is an example of the breakdowns. Still gathering data my end and interviews to start soon.


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