XenApp 7.12 updates – welcome back local host cache!

As most citrix bod’s will know with the release of Citrix XenApp 7.0 onwards the local host cache facility whereby in essence a cached copy of the citrix datastore was kept locally was removed from the feature-set. This caused much discontent in the user community as it placed much more emphasis on having to ensure decent connections (100ms max in most cases) to the site databases otherwise the need for separate sites and all additional infrastructure that comes with that.

Since 7.0 citrix have been making strides reaching a solution towards this and other limitations that came with the solution, features like connection leasing and the like but still came with constraints.

Good news is with the release of XenApp 7.12 Citrix have come “home” again with the re-introduction of the local host cache facility.

Lots of related info enclosed:


Happy day:


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