Citrix HTML5 receiver tip: client time zone issues?

While back (probably 9 months or so) kicked off a project which was to cover a specific use in our environment whereby we had field-based workers utilizing customer laptops whose corporate policy was to not have the citrix receiver installed. With that in mind for them to get their VDI in here simplest step was […]

Citrix AppDNA tip: having install troubles with your Desktop Client?

  Have a really beefy project land on my lap relating to application migrations and Windows 10 so looking¬†to utilize AppDNA (version 7.11) to assist. With that in mind wanted to install the AppDNA Desktop Client on my machine in order to have quick and easy access but hit issues with the install. Trying to […]

Citrix tip: Want some IE performance goodness in your Published desktop environment?

Happy New Year all! So early doors this year got a bunch of tickets in from user performance facing issues regards Internet Explorer performance in a XenApp environment.¬†Indeed high CPU was being encountered across the board on a number of Published Desktops being caused by Ad’s. All this reminded me that this was a topic […]