Flexera App Portal tip: how to restrict packages to your native OS

Recently been working with Flexera’s App Portal product and is pretty rich in what it can provide from a functionality perspective eg in particular its leasing capabilities, ability to remove unused applications that users’ have previously requested in particular is an attractive feature as it has the capability to provide a lot of savings to an enterprise from a license perspective.

One issue did come across this week that I wanted to take a mental note of going forward is the ability to only show packages that are native to the OS you are on. Currently undergoing migration to Windows 10 and as part of that are adding more and more applications to the self service portal. As we have a mix of Windows 7 and Windows 10 workstations it was important that packages from one OS weren’t shown as being available when logging on to the other OS (an issue of which I came across this week and which we had such a failure).

So found the fix for this. In order to resolve need to do the following:

i) Log to the admin console of App Portal (normally the URL uses https://<app portal server>/esd/admin

ii) Click on the catalog item which you want amend

iii) Click the Visibility tab

iv) Click the Collections tab

v) Click Add Condition

vi) Choose the particular OS collection you want to limit the visibility and click ok

After that that particular catalog item (or package in self-service terms) will appear from the self-service.



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