New feature with AdminStudio 2018 – ability to import web applications

This is a new feature that comes with AdminStudio, interesting in that in this release certainly looking to increase its toolset in the “assessment” stage of the application lifecycle. Another example of that is the number of new security risk assessment tests for applications, something AppDNA has been targeting too in its recent releases. As such for analysis level activities i have tended to ignore the test center portion for AdminStudio and focused my analysis of applications using AppDNA but might have to reconsider that.

Anyhow for those familiar with AdminStudio the process to import a web application is very similar to importing a regular application

To import a deployed web application:
1. Open Application Catalog.
2. On the Home tab of the ribbon, click the Import button. The Source panel of the Import Wizard opens

3. Select Website from URL and click Next. The Web Site Details panel will open

4. In the URL field, enter the URL to the web application you want to import, such as:

5. Not obligatory  but In the User name and Password fields, enter the login credentials for the specified web application

6. To test the entered credentials, click the Test button.

7. Click Next. The Destination Group panel opens.
8. Select the group into which you want to import this web application and then click Next. The Summary panel opens.
9. Review the information on the Summary panel, and then click Next to begin the import.
10. When the import is complete, click Finish to close the wizard. The web application is now listed in the Application Catalog tree in the group that you specified.

Lets more info on new features etc can be found in the AdminStudio 2018 guide


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