About me :)

Hi all,

So been in the IT game over 20 years, various technologies, started with good old Netware 2.15 which hosted the companies’ data – all 120mb of local hard drive goodness (all client pc’s booted from floppy -no hard drives) which was ample at the time!

Since then worked in a gamut of technologies, IBM AIX,Solaris, Red hat in the Linux/UNIX spectrum. By and large though mainly focused in the windows space (3.1 onwards to present day Windows server 2016 (well 2012 r2 really:)). A lot of my focus in the last 10 years has been on the virtualization (both server, desktop and application) space, huge amount with VMware technologies and citrix as you will see from my articles.

Cert-wise certed up for Windows 2012 Private cloud, VMware VCP, Citrix certified Expert – Virtualization.

Outside of the realm of IT my interests vary from sports of any kind (mainly watching of which i’d watch anything) and family-time which keeps me more than busy.

Main reason for the blog is to provide a “little bit back” to the web community who out there have pretty much come to my rescue from an admin perspective (pretty much at a loss to find an issue that hasn’t been possible to fix from a good google :)).

Anyhow all thoughts /opinions my own on the site.
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2 thoughts on “About me :)

    1. Haha! ah geez small world Angela! yep more of a “memory dump” than anything – been handy to go back to site to remember a fix we’ve put in, most of it is your work!!!! hope all is good AB!

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