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Want to install Citrix Desktop Director without the server becoming a Delivery Controller too?

Recently came across this citrix discussion article which was v.timely for me as wanted to implement same, turns out with Desktop Director installations that Delivery Controllers get installed as part of it – to cut out the clutter and just install Director the fix is to do following:

install using the command line:

XenDesktopServerSetup.exe /components DESKTOPDIRECTOR


Citrix Desktop Director – how to hide visibility of running apps in the Activity Manager

A common enough query in any large scale deployment of Desktop Director will be to inhibit the applications tab from listing running applications which by default the activity manager in Director displays. This feature is available by default to Full administrator, Help Desk Administrator and Delivery Group administrator.

To inhibit do the following, as ever with anything you do regards the registry please back up otherwise will be at your own risk.

  1. On the VDA system, go regedit.exe and go to key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Citrix\Director\TaskManagerDataDisplayed which should be set to by default – change to 0 (meaning it will inhibit the applications tab)
  2. On the Director server, modify the setting that controls the whether running applications are visible or not which by default will be set to true, need to change to false. This option only affects Activity Manager on the Director server itself, not on the VDA. The setting to modify is ui.TaskManager.EnableApplications = false and your done