Edgesight field tip: only upload data from your edgesight agents that you WANT :)

Recently been hitting space issues on our SQL box hosting the various citrix DB’s we have. Of course xenapp was nice and small, PVS even smaller so the obvious culprit left being edgesight. Given we’d set retention for edgesight data to 30 days for pretty much everything felt it a little odd the size of […]

Edgesight tip: handy trick to optimize edgesight server performance

Recently was working on an edgesight console and noted really poor performance running pretty much any type of report. One way of mitigating this is to¬†limit data uploads from the agents to the EdgeSight Server database by deselecting the type of performance data you are not interested in gathering, will be surprised by how much […]

Some Citrix products you may be working on just reached End-of-life

Was aware of a couple of products been working with in the citrix space that were due for end-of-life but didn’t realize¬†they’d already passed: Products reaching the End Of Life (EOL) milestone this month (June 2015): EdgeSight for Endpoints 5.x EdgeSight for XenApp 5.0 through 5.3 EdgeSight for XenDesktop 5.x Provisioning Services 6.x XenDesktop 5.x […]