Used NetScaler MAS StyleBooks yet(& handy links)?

NetScaler StyleBooks are an interesting feature as they can help with providing standardization in your NetScaler environment. They do this by simplifying the task of managing complex NetScaler configurations for your applications. Details on how to create Below is a set of URL’s relating to the NetScaler MAS environment folks might find useful Main […]

Handy Netscaler tip: how to AD integrate your NetScaler Appliance

If, like me you have more than enough passwords to remember i always prefer to AD integrate where possible so as to cut down on ID/Passwords to remember. Handy CTX article covers the steps to setup the integration pieces:  

Netscaler tip: keep an eye on your /var directory

Have seen some recent instances on the citrix discussion groups regards issues encountered by administrators using virtual netscaler appliances. In area to particular to keep an eye on is /var, this area will show most volatility in terms of growth due to the nature of what is stored in it in particular by and nearly […]