Citrix PVS tip: how to change vDisk assignment for multiple TD’s in 7 easy steps

Oftentimes might face a situation of needing to change your vDisk assignment for your target devices of which there can be many. In order to do all in one go rather than having to go into each target device and manually modifying each one just carry out the following steps: 1. Logon to your Provisioning […]

Citrix PVS tip: how to install PVS powershell snap-in

Recently was looking to utilize the vDisk replicator utility (see: which had a requirement for the PVS powershell snap-in. After a few times did manage to get the snap-in to work but have to be careful to get the syntax correct which was in the end: C:\Program Files\Citrix\Provisioning Services Console>C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v4.0.30319\installutil.exe Citrix.PVS.SnapIn.dll After that was up […]

Citrix PVS v7 target device logging changes

Q came up on the citrix discussions regards this as poster was looking to gather log data for an issue they had with one of their target devices. With version 7 for PVS there was a shift away from using persistent log files to using CDF traces. More details enclosed

PVS write cache filling up? handy filter in Procmon to give a clue as to what’s causing it

So of course with write cache filling up issues no simple way to tell what’s going on. Needless to say like most quirks that happen in Windows the sysinternals tools can come to you rescue. Recently started work on a windows 10 PVS image and after about 10 minutes the write cache would fill up. […]

Citrix PVS tip: Getting dreaded “Manifest file is invalid” message?

Check if running Citrix PVS 7.8 or earlier. I’ve had the unfortunate experience of getting this numerous times trying to import an new vDisk version of a VHDX file, unfortunately for me I was running 7.1 at the time and no fix was imminent when I spoke to vendor. Good news is as of PVS […]

Having PVS vDisk conversion troubles? Check you don’t have hidden NIC’s

As per recently was doing a vDisk conversion and was greeted with the message: “BNIStack failed, network stack could not be initialized”. Fix (tx to good old google again) found via: This is one of these types of scenarios that you tend to get from time to time but forget what the fix is […]

VSphere 6 / PVS target devices not booting? Here’s what to check

ESXi VM hardware versions 10 and 11 include a SATA controller for CD/DVD by default. If the SATA and SCSI controller are present on the PVS Target Device, the target will fail to boot. PVS relies on the SCSI controller, SATA is the only one that can be removed. To resolve this issue, change the […]

Citrix PVS tweak: Windows OS memory reporting and W/C in RAM w/overflow changes

This is a little known caveat with the relatively new write cache in RAM with overflow option. My OS memory is showing all the memory for the VM even though Write cache in RAM with overflow

Citrix PVS tip: Slow PVS boot times? check out the following

Only came across this recently. Nice “poster” containing the various processes that are used to boot a PVS target device. Much more interesting way to troubleshoot Right now troubleshooting an ongoing issue with target devices taking over 10 minutes to boot and on 2nd boot less than 2. Very curious.