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Citrix tip: Need to relay a maintenance message to your storefront users?

Came across this recently when I had to post up a message to users’ stating some maintenance activity will be occurring over the weekend. Found a tool called Storefront messaging – will see it located near the end of the blog post below

Article is a little old so if you are using Storefront 3.5 definitely need to vet it (mind you, worth vetting if on 3.0 regardless).



Troubleshooting HTML5 receiver issues

Recently in the lab updated the HTML5 receiver (version 2.3) on my storefront servers. After which hit issues with my connection going “in and out”.

Turns out my patching wasn’t up to scratch. XenApp 6.5 environment and moving hotfix rollup pack 7 (per CTX129229) resolved the issue.

What was instructive was enabling HTML5 logging per

What did help me gather from it was it was session reliability-related. Sure enough when I switched it off all worked. Ultimately though did want to leave enabled so updating to latest HRP resolved but the HTML5 logging was very useful on this occasion as reasonably negligible so a good takeway


Citrix tip: if having issues using HTML5 receiver post Storefront 3.5 upgrade check the following

A while posted this on the forums luckily Michael in citrix was able to assist with a “full” fix. As mentioned in the thread had a workaround but programmatically have checked the steps outlined and they do work too.


Citrix Delivery controller maintenance: Control number of enumerations made

Simple enough to implement but only required in the “hottest” of environments where thousands of requests are being made per second. From within the Storefront :

Specify the maximum number of concurrent requests to send to different Delivery Controllers. The default is 0 (No Limit).

Use the Advanced Settings task, select Maximum concurrent enumerations, enter a number, and click OK.

For more information on this and also a great overview of what goes on at logon take a look at Bas’s guide, really good read.


Citrix HTML5 receiver tip: client time zone issues?

While back (probably 9 months or so) kicked off a project which was to cover a specific use in our environment whereby we had field-based workers utilizing customer laptops whose corporate policy was to not have the citrix receiver installed.

With that in mind for them to get their VDI in here simplest step was to utilize the HTML5 receiver which worked well. Only caveat over time was related to client time zone redirection really didn’t work. Thankfully unbeknownst to me most of had some traction from the folks in citrix and an update was subsequently released (2.2)

Subsequently (2.3) has been released just week or so back

which comes some thinwire enhancements. Haven’t tested that version yet but can say that time zone issue has thankfully been fixed (at least for our environment) with the release of 2.2.


Having trouble propagating changes in your StoreFront Server groups?

Recently one of the servers in our Storefront Server groups came a cropper when we tried to propagate changes to it.

Could see the following in the event logs at time of failure :

An error has occurred during the all server configuration update process.

“Citrix.DeliveryServices.ConfigurationReplication.Exceptions.ServerUpdateConfigurationException, Citrix.DeliveryServices.ConfigurationReplication, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=e8bb6749cfa2a5a3
Access is denied.
RemoteEndpoint: net.tcp://servernameCitrix/ConfigurationReplication”

From a scour through the trusty internet found the following solution:

i) Add the following accounts to the local administrators group

NT SERVICE\CitrixConfigurationReplication

and NT SERVICE\CitrixClusterService

ii) Restart Storefront server

And voila all is good with the world