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Quick and easy Citrix Storefront tip: enable pooled sockets

Handy tip to improve performance from a storefront perspective is the ability to maintain a pool of sockets instead of creating a new one each time a new user connects which is something which is already enabled by default in the Citrix Web Interface environment.

To enable pooledsockets:

i) Open the web.config file under c:\inetpub\wwwroot\citrix\%storename%\ and change

ii) pooledSockets to on

iii) Save and restart IIS


Recently move to IE11 and having Citrix web interface login page issues?


Missing that drop-down box option on the Web Interface Login Page giving the option to use pass-through or not?



To resolve this issue:

1.In Internet Explorer Options > Security tab, add the Web Interface site to Trusted Sites.
2.Enable compatibility view for the site under Internet Options > Tools > Compatibility View Settings and add the Web Interface site to Compatibility View.
3.Restart Internet Explorer.

If i had a quid for every fix related to IE11 and using that compatibility view settings fix..

Also, handy URL covering this and other fixes relating to citrix and IE11 (the one above was the issue i’d come across after move to v11)


Citrix Xenapp 5.x decommission tip: worth considering publishing out as remoteapp apps

Recently as part of a windows 2003 decommission cycle internally was charged with looking at retiring all pre xenapp 6.x farms in the environment.

As part of this obviously a migration strategy for the applications from running in windows 2003 to windows 2008 r2 was part and parcel and to a great extent was able to achieve that, so much so we had one application left running that had an IE6 tie-in which currently working on.

To that end this application was running off a PVS image and all the associated infrastructure that come with it and the farm it was felt much more efficient to retire the farm and publish the application out as a remoteApp application while the issue with IE10/11 compatibility is resolved(which is 90% there at time of writing).

To that end still have 2003 servers for the application but at least enabled us to retire:

I) Farm XML brokers

ii) Farm ZDC’s

iii) Old PVS farm supporting the aforementioned application image

iv) Associated databases

v) Hypervisor hosts running the above

Associated link helped in achieving above

Tip: Citrix web interface 5.x – the one article you MUST read and implement

Well its a link to it 🙂

Have already mentioned this link in a previous posting but it really bears repeating. Previously suffered numerous issues with web landing page loading indefinitely and what not, once the changes where implemented in the above article the web interface servers have been rock solid in our environment and no issues resulting.