An optimized citrix virtual explorer published app and observations that came with it

So while back whilst working on an issue with a customer got some great feedback regards to their day to day workings – what worked well and what didn’t work for them. In particular my focus lay in particular on what their performance was like in their interactions with using office files and what they […]

Having trouble registering your Azure hosted XenDesktop VDA with your on-prem XD controller?

Recently was testing Azure with our on-prem solution as part of a proof of concept we were doing and noticed the VDA’s were appearing “unregistered” in Citrix Studio. Turns out there is an additional CTX article to review – Review the registry keys under the multiple forests with 2 way or 1 trusts. In […]

Citrix virtual apps & desktops 7.18 and new app-v features

As outlined by Ben’s article in Citrix blogs (see: ) a key new feature that has been added and long sought after was the ability to alter the dynamic configuration files that came with your app-v package. Delighted this piece is in now as a million and one use cases for it and just wish […]

Having skype audio issues using citrix published desktop in a Win10 BYOD environment?

Been getting instances of this recently with our BYOD environment relating specifically with windows 10 devices. Seems the default behavior for the later version of receivers is reverting to the light version which cuts off some functionality required to make user’s be heard on skype calls – they can hear but cannot be heard. Enclosed […]

Getting “Cannot start” launching app-v published apps in Xenapp 7.x environment?

Further to an earlier post i did relating to a similar error message I did come across this issue again in 2 separate environments. Oddly v.uneven in how often it would happen but it would only occur with the app-v published applications we had. Summary of environments Both Xenapp 7.13 VDA’s running 7.15 Published to […]

Excellent post on recommendations running WS2016 in Citrix Xenapp 7.15 LTSR CU2

Shout out to Wendell who posted some great recommendations regarding the above setup – will definitely save some time for folks in the long run particularly relating to UPM configuration piece and getting that right, details enclosed:  

A quick and easy way to segregate Prod/UAT/test citrix environments

Recently came across this question on the citrix discussions and must say Martin has come up with a novel approach to what could of required a more complicated solution – see thread below:  

WMI provider service issues in your citrix environment?

From time to time might encounter issues relating to your WMI provider service. This service interacts directly with the SCCM client so is an important one as would affect in a lot of cases to patch your systems. Have seen this pop-up moreso in pre-2012 r2 environments but still does. Regards automating fixes for this […]

Quick citrix tip: Getting “cannot start ” launching app-v app(SMB/Single Admin mode) in XenApp 7.x?

Recently setup a pool of Citrix VDA’s (7.16) to house app-v packages for publication using SMB/Single Admin mode. On setting up (thought I) followed all the steps outlined in: but missed a key action on first pass, when launching my app in citrix i would get the “cannot Start <App-name>” message (pretty common and […]