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Getting “Aw, Snap!” on launch of google chrome in citrix environments?

See plenty of pain on this one in the field. Not quite sure what is going on with chrome as seen as same from my own machine.

Anyways in order to circumvent message below which is what greets you launch simply need to do the following:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe” –no-sandbox –disable-infobars –disable-gpu

 Editing the shortcut is the simple method. Use shift+right click to edit the one on the taskbar. Sure there is noise in the forums on this but been busy to check what root cause is/ultimate fix but above should get you over the hump for now.




Citrix tip: having XenDesktop 7.12 upgrade troubles?

So was looking at getting our lab boxes up from their current 7.11 to the latest and greatest (is it me or is the upgrade churn from citrix accelerating?).

Had an issue post reboot it kept giving me a “mandatory upgrade” loop ? luckily it being Friday by google luck held up and stumbled on this CTX article – so indeed in my instance FIPS as at play and was enabled so was able to disable as I was operating from a lab but in the enterprise one to bear in mind if it is enabled as no permanent fix in till 7.13

Citrix XenDesktop VDA 7.6 – getting remote PC session hangs from time to time in browser window?

From scanning the forums came across this issue where user was experiencing hangs in their browser window in existing tabs.

Fix was identified as enabling the use of software rendering instead of GPU rendering and restarting your browser as per:

PS as a side note not sure if Citrix intended it but looks like the CTX article has recently been updated and is slightly skewed from a formatting perspective (also links itself which is a bit confusing).


Creating Azure VM’s within Citrix Studio ? beware of the following naming contraints

Worth noting Azure virtual machine  naming constraints are different from Citrix Studio naming constraints. It is therefore possible to create Azure VMs with invalid names. To avoid this occurence, stick to the following rules for Azure Virtual machine names:

o   Must contain between 3 and 15 characters

o   Must contain only letters, numbers, and hyphens

o   Must start with a letter and end with a letter or a number


Getting launch problems on your Win10 v7.6-7 VDA’s? check out

Recently seen this gather traction on the forums of which citrix is actively working on a permanent fix.

If users’ are complaining of issues appearing to launch their windows VDI but never actually launch and it be a relatively recent occurence check out following article:

Certainly worth checking or if said microsoft patches have not yet been applied to verify in a UAT environment first before committing them to your image(s).


XenApp/XenDesktop 7.x SQL mirroring tip: Use PS cmdlet get-configdbconnection to verify all is ok

Handy tip as sometimes can be difficult to truly know where to assess the health of your SQL mirror with your XenApp/XD 7.x setup. for more details